The Lemon Skunk mother brings a fragrant lemon intensity to tantalize haze fans, as well as adding steady skunk genetics that will appeal to growers. The haze influences still make this a better multi-branch plant. Super Lemon Haze retains a willowy sativa growth pattern and forms long buds bearded in extra long hairs.

This strain does equally well in soil or hydro, and prefers a high PK intake in later flowering. Although Super Lemon Haze can technically be grown both indoors and out, it is limited between 40 degrees latitude North and South outdoors.

It is faster and more forgiving than its haze papa, but most Super Lemon Haze growers will be gardening in the great indoors. At finish, Super Lemon Haze averages 3.5 feet indoors, but may get up to 10 feet tall in the proper outdoor setting.

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