Pineapple Haze is a sativa-dominant strain that pulls people in with its aroma but makes them stay with its buzzy, cerebral effects. This flavor-focused bud is, unsurprisingly, a cross between Pineapple and Haze and takes the best of both of its genetics lines. An excellent daytime smoke for work or for enjoying some active leisure time, this bud’s THC content has been measured at between 15% and 22%.

Pineapple Haze impresses from the start, with medium to large flowers. These buds cling together in a chunky, vaguely spherical formation and, although their lineage is predominantly sativa, they have a dense and typically indica structure. The tightly-coiled leaves are a yellowish green and are threaded through with hairy brown pistils. Finally, translucent, amber-colored trichomes dot the inner and outer surfaces of these compact flowers, giving them a golden glow and a very sticky texture.

Predictably, the most obvious aroma that wafts up from buds of Pineapple Haze is that of fresh pineapple. There’s also a faintly herbal undertone, with distinct notes of mint and sage, likely passed on from Haze. Grinding up the tight buds, on the other hand, releases some faint fumes of diesel. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, Pineapple Haze burns with a smooth, forgiving smoke. This smoke has a skunky and citrus-tinged flavor on the exhale.

As with many other sativa-dominant strains, Pineapple Haze takes effect quickly, bringing a rush of blood to the head and in so doing, increases blood pressure around the eyes and temples; some smokers may also notice an increase in saliva production. Such head-focused symptoms serve as a warning of what’s to come, as smokers soon notice an uptick in their patterns of thinking. Ideas may take on a new cerebral significance that they never would have had before, leading consumers to become immersed in their own internal logic. This buzzy mental energy can also lift some traditional cognitive inhibitions, allowing for free-flowing creativity and brainstorming. In the right set and setting, Pineapple Haze can let smokers concentrate on and execute complex, work-related tasks or strategies. The same stimulating qualities that let this strain amplify a user’s internal monologue can bring that monologue out, making it a good way to enhance social situations with easy, continuous conversation. Pineapple Haze’s high comes with relatively few physical effects, although some smokers may notice a slight drooping in their eyelids and limbs after a few hours. While this subtle relaxation can lead to some drowsiness, it can also spark just the right combination of mental and physical engagement that sets the stage for exercise — or even sex, if the conditions and the company are right. This fruity bud tends to last longer than average and is recommended for enjoyment in the morning or afternoon, as long as smokers deem themselves able to maintain lucidity under the influence of such a strong sativa. pineapple haze seeds, pineapple haze leafly, pineapple super silver haze, pineapple haze strain. pineapple haze seeds, pineapple haze leafly, pineapple super silver haze, pineapple haze strain. V


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